Capel Street Hotel - Planning Permission Lodged

ODOS Architects are pleased to announce that an application for planning permission has been lodged with Dublin City Council for the transformation of this site into a publicly accessible, vibrant network of streets beneath and eight-storey 98-bedroom hotel in what was previously a Victorian bakery and biscuit factory. The hotel itself will give visitors unobstructed views across Dublin, but would also open up a previously largely unknown historical site to the public.

Capel Street is unlike any other street in the city. Today, it is fiercely independent and offers variety to the people of Dublin.

The site in question is a reflection of this peculiar outlier in that it is host to a variety of buildings and conditions but currently functions/operates on a mainly private level. This proposal aims to re-imagine the site's position as part of the public realm and unlock it’s potential through the introduction of some highly considered and clever design moves. The project aims to be a direct extension of Capel Street, extending the street's amenities whilst also revealing some clues about its unique character and history that have been hidden from the public eye for many years.

The site provides an opportunity to create a notable piece of architecture for an underused and under appreciated area of Dublin. It is our belief that this proposal will not only cater for the current and future needs of the city but provide an insight into its past.